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The office of the sheriff is often considered the best place to start an arrest warrant search in Yellow Medicine County and with good reason. It is the cops who are responsible for conducting criminal investigations and making arrests in connection with such illicit occurrences. However, what a lot of people do not know is that the police also play a vital role in getting arrest warrants issued in MN.

An affidavit from the sheriff’s office is what all pre-warrant hearings are based on. The petition for an active warrant from Yellow Medicine County is always supported by a sworn declaration. If this not enough for establishing reasonable cause, witnesses can also be asked to depose under oath. Through this process, the judiciary tries to ascertain that there is enough merit in the case framed by the cops to hold the accused responsible for the criminal act.

While this is being done, the police ensure that the process flow along smoothly. After the issue of an active warrant from Yellow Medicine County, cops are put in charge of serving these orders and detaining the arrestee till such time that he can be produced before the court for a bail hearing.

An important point to be made here is that such detentions are not indefinite and the accused has to be taken to court within 36 hours of arrest. However, the judiciary retains the right to grant bail or not. Once again cops step in to transport the defendant to a state correctional facility while he awaits trial. So, is it any wonder that along with the judiciary, the office of the sheriff also keeps all information on Yellow Medicine County arrest records and outstanding warrants? To find this data, you can drive down to:

  • The sheriff’s: 930 4th St, Granite Falls, Minnesota 56241
  • The magistrate’s: 415 9th Ave, Granite Falls, MN 56241
  • The county clerk’s: Given above

Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota finds itself in the list of areas with the lowest crime rates in the state with just about 70 criminal complaints received by the sheriff’s office every year. About 6% of the criminal cases filed are against violent crimes while the remainder are against property crimes.