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It is never a laughing matter to get arrested anywhere, but many people commit crimes in Sherburne County, Minnesota. In fact, the crime rate has risen over 70% over the last ten years, meaning that more people than ever are dealing with the justice system and facing outstanding warrants in Sherburne County. There is an average of more than 1500 crimes per year in this county, higher than the average for most counties of this size in Minnesota. That means many arrest warrants and arrest records on file with the Court Clerk and many related court records. Some of these are available to the public on a variety of websites.

Doing a Warrant Search in Sherburne County

To find out if there is a warrant against you or someone you love, you do not have to go to the courthouse and look up court dockets. You can do a Sherburne County warrant search online through dozens of .gov and .org websites, and many are reliable and informative. Whether you are trying to find a list of the Most Wanted criminals or view the active warrants in Minnesota, there is much information available to the public with a simple internet search.

There are literally thousands of warrants that have not been served for whatever reason. For example, one may be active but not served because there is no good address for the person on file with the courthouse. This can lead to an embarrassing situation for the person named. After all, you do not have to be caught committing a crime in Sherburne County, or even in the state of Minnesota, for a law enforcement officer to execute an arrest warrant. It is better to do an active warrant search and find out if your name is clear if you have any doubts, and the same rings true for anyone you are considering lending money to, renting a home to, marrying, dating, working for, or hiring.


Can you get any information pertaining to Sherburne County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Information about local arrests, ICE detainees and active warrants can be obtained by contacting the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office at 763-765-3500.
  • Information on assistance available to victims may be obtained by contacting the Sherburne County Attorney’s Office at 763-765-4756.
  • Information on requesting judicial records and a criminal background check may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Clerk of Court at 763-284-7140.


Crime statistics of Sherburne County

Sherburne County’s yearly crime average decreased by 5% in 2019, to 302 incidents. The annual violent crime rate stood at 30 offenses and included 5 rape cases and 22 serious assaults.

More than 225 of the complaints filed against property crimes were for larceny-theft, while over 25 were for burglaries.