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Dakota County, MN arrest warrants are issued when an officer’s suspicion is accompanied by sufficient evidence to give a judge the reasonable belief that a crime has been committed. Probable cause is the necessary evidence that gives support to the officer’s belief. If there is no probable cause, the warrant cannot be issued because The Constitution protects the accused’s rights. Generally speaking, an arrest warrant is issued when the officer does not observe the crime or violation but reasonably believes one has occurred instead of arresting the subject on the spot for a crime he sees. In Dakota County, Minnesota, the same protocol must be followed for an individual to have a warrant for their arrest.

To conduct a warrant search to see if an arrest warrant has been issued for you in Dakota County, MN, you can visit the county’s website https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/LawJustice/Warrants/Pages/default.aspx. Enter your first and last name and your birthdate. This is the Dakota County database of active warrants, and if you violated the law and believe you may have a warrant, this resource should be checked.

An outstanding warrant allows an officer to take you into custody if they make contact with you. A disclaimer cautions against arrest based solely on information from this website. Police and other law enforcement must confirm the existence of warrants before arrests.

Methamphetamines continue to be a major problem in Dakota County, representing nearly 40% of all drug-related arrests in 2011. Drug-related crimes (including property crimes committed to financing drug habits) account for nearly 50% of arrests. The county’s website has a link to PDFs that show the year’s arrest records, not records of crimes committed but charges filed.

Although violent crime has shown a downward trend of almost one-third over the past 10 years, overall crime rates have increased 6%.On average, people become victims of crime in Dakota County, MN, about once an hour.