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In Anoka County, Minnesota, the warrant search must be done by calling the sheriff’s office at 763-323-5000. According to the sheriff’s department, this is also where to call to find out how to turn yourself in and be seen by a judge the same day. Arrests can happen in two ways, either a police officer observes a person running afoul of the law and takes them into custody immediately, or an arrest warrant is issued. The signature of a judge is required to enforce active warrants. A judge must sign the warrant to attest that there is probable cause or sufficient evidence to charge the person with a crime. If a judge signs the arrest warrant without probable cause, it can cause significant problems down the road for the police, including an overturned conviction. A properly executed arrest warrant is part of the foundation for a valid conviction. The requirements to secure an arrest warrant in Anoka County, MN, are basically the same as in every county in America. Unless sealed or expunged, an arrest record will follow you and be available as a public record for your entire life.

Depending on the seriousness of the warrant, you may be eligible for extradition from outside of the state. Any contact with police in Minnesota leaves you open to be arrested if you have outstanding warrants in Anoka County.

An arrest on an outstanding warrant will land you in jail. The Anoka County website also has a link to search for inmates housed in the jail. The inmate locater can be found at is also an FAQ section that gives additional information about the jail.

An average of 9,300 crimes took place every in the 10 year period between 1999 and 2008. During this period, crime showed the trend of increasing by over 20%. If crime continues to rise at the same rate, it must have reached 14,000 incidents a year by now. As with most counties, Anoka’s most common crime is theft.