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Wondering if there is an active warrant pending against you in Goodhue County, MN? A simple web search can lead you to a list of the outstanding warrants in Goodhue County. The list of arrest warrants is updated daily and can be found here. You can conduct a warrant search by scrolling down the list. 

If you satisfy the warrant on your own terms by turning yourself in, you can avoid unexpected interruptions to your life. An outstanding warrant allows any police department to detain you lawfully. Serious felonies or multiple outstanding warrants result in a more diligent police pursuit. Still, arrest warrants are issued for all criminal behavior levels, from failing to attend court for fishing without a license to suspicion of murder. Arrest records are available from the records desk located in the Law Enforcement Center’s lobby in the City of Red Wing.

Like every other jurisdiction in the United States, the requirements of a valid warrant in Goodhue County include the signature of a judge and the purpose of the warrant. A certain type of evidence called probable cause is also required for a warrant to be valid. Court records supply the probable cause necessary for warrants that are a result of missing a court date.

If you want to see the inmates currently in custody at the Goodhue County Jail, a roster of over 150 inmates is listed here. This list is also updated daily.


Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Goodhue County? (2021- Update)

  • If you have a general law and order-related inquiry: Reach the Sheriff’s Department at 651-267-2600.
  • If you want to access arrest records: Contact the agency at 651-267-2603.
  • If you want to know about recent arrests: Call the Goodhue County Detention at 651-267-2804.
  • If you want to inquire about a criminal case: Call the Investigation Division at 651-267-2623 (for victims only).
  • If you want to learn how to access criminal case records: Contact the office of the Clerk of Court at 651-267-4800.
  • If you need information on victim’s assistance: Contact the Goodhue Attorney’s Office at 651-267-4965.


Crime statistics of Goodhue County

Due to the decrease of 9% in Goodhue County’s yearly crime average, around 181 criminal complaints were filed in 2019, compared to 199 in 2018. Nearly 170 of these reports were submitted for property offenses, while the rest were for violent offenses.

Around 39 burglaries and 103 larceny thefts were reported as property offenses. The violent offenses reported included 6 assaults and 4 rapes.

Over 75% of the crimes reported between 1999 and 2008 were theft (including auto theft). Violent crime represents a smaller percentage of the total crime but is slowly consuming more of the total statistic in Goodhue County. Crime is slowly rising in Goodhue County, although rates jump up and down every year.