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An arrest warrant search in Cottonwood County, MN, can be initiated through the judiciary just as well as the sheriff’s department. As far as law enforcement is concerned, you can drive down to the sheriff’s office who controls the crime scene in the area, or you could head over to the local police station in your neighborhood.

Regardless of who you approach, inquiries for crime history made with a law enforcement agency will eventually be handled by the sheriff’s department’s public services or records divisions. The agency maintains its very own database of active warrants and arrests. Since they are responsible for approaching the criminal tribunals in the county for detention directives and their eventual serving, they are bound to have information on these orders.

The judiciary plays an authoritative role in the process of issuing arrest warrants. However, this power is only granted to the magistrate’s office while the county clerk’s department handles records keeping. So, you can seek details on arrest records and outstanding warrants from Cottonwood County through any of these three agencies.

It is also possible to find active warrants from Cottonwood County online. The local police host a list of all arrest warrants that are yet to be served on their website at To contact the justice agencies discussed herein, you can go to:

  • The Police: 902 5th Ave, Windom, Minnesota 56101
  • The court: 900 3rd Ave, Windom, MN 56101
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 326, Windom, Minnesota 56101

Approximately 220 criminal complaints are made with the local police in Cottonwood County, Minnesota, annually. Of the reported criminal incidents, about 6% are violent crimes at about 18 cases. There has been a significant improvement in the crime scene of the area between 2001 and 2008, with violent crime rates dropping by as much as 60%.