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Along with dealing with the close to seventy yearly crimes reported to them, the Norman County Sheriff has many other duties. Their motto is “To Keep and Preserve the Peace of the County.” The sheriff has a website, at The sheriff’s telephone number is 218. 784. 7114. The mailing address for the Norman County sheriff is 15 2nd Avenue East, Ada, MN56510. While there is not much to guide you in an arrest warrant search on the Norman County sheriff’s website, there is a section dealing with common questions, which directs inquiries about outstanding warrants to the Norman County Court Administration Office.

The court administration office’s hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and they are located at 16 Third Ave. East, Ada, MN, 56510. The court administrator also has a webpage detailing the office’s responsibilities. The office is charged with organizing and maintaining all of the county’s court case records, including criminal court dockets for the Norman County courts, which make up the Ninth Minnesota Judicial District. Court dockets are a listing of all the proceedings in a case and may reference different events about arrest warrants in Norman County. The court administration website references the Minnesota State Courts System Website, as a useful resource.

At, users may access court case records, including those for the district courts. The information may or may not pertain to Norman County warrants and arrests. Public access to the service is only available during certain hours. The Minnesota Judicial Branch’s “MPA Remote” (Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Remote view) service is the version of the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS) available to the public. MNCIS has data on judgments, orders, and notices issued by courts, some of which may cover Norman County active warrants and arrests.

How do you get information about Norman County warrants and arrests over the phone? (Updated in 2021)

  • Inquiries pertaining to recent arrests: (218) 470-8101/ (218) 470-8100 and (218) 470-8323 (Juvenile Detention).
  • Requests for incident accident and arrest records: (218) 784-7114.
  • Inquiries from victims about the assistance available to them: (218) 784-3312.
  • Requests for criminal court records and details on active warrants: (218) 784-5458.


Crime statistics of Norman County

Norman County is a low crime area with offense rates limited to single digits year after year. In 2017, the local police received a mere 3 complaints while in 2018, this dipped further to just 1 criminal incident recorded throughout the year.

The crimes reported in 2017 were all property-related, and included 1 case of burglary and 2 cases of theft. Although no property crimes were reported in 2018, the single criminal complaint filed in 2018 was in the violent crimes category, more specifically against rape.