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In Mower County, MN, an arrest warrants search consists of calling the sheriff’s department’s warrants desk at (507) 437-9404. Mower County does not offer an online warrant search or any information regarding the procedure for turning yourself in. Still, a phone call to the warrants desk should give you the appropriate information.

An active warrant in Mower County carries the same weight as in any county across the country. The police must go through the same basic steps to procure the warrant, and the same risk applies to any warrant: you may be arrested. From the smallest infraction to the biggest felony, all warrants leave you susceptible to arrest. Granted, a minor outstanding warrant will not bring the police to your doorstep, but you may be arrested if you have any interaction with the police.

If you choose to turn yourself in, you satisfy the warrant on your own terms, and you may avoid being locked up; many jurisdictions will try to get you onto the court docket the same day. Many arrest warrants can be satisfied by paying a fine associated with the original offense. If you have a more serious outstanding warrant in Mower County, turning yourself in may factor into handing down your sentence along with previous court and arrest records. Unlike many Minnesota counties, Mower does not publish a list of current jail inmates; however, the jail’s phone number is (507) 437-9562 if you want to inquire about an inmate.

Almost ¾ of the crime in Mower County, MN, is theft; this statistic is similar to most counties as violent crime usually accounts for less than 10%.In Mower County, violent crime accounts for 6% of all crime and has shown a very slight increase between 1999 and 2008.