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In Kanabec County, an arrest warrant search can be conducted through a law enforcement agency or the judiciary. Most police precincts will entertain requests for information about the release of active warrants and arrest records. However, in time, these will be forwarded to the office of the sheriff that has legal jurisdiction over the area. In essence, the sheriff’s office can find information on outstanding warrants from Kanabec County and the other parts of MN State for you.

The law enforcement agency handles the preliminary process with respect to the issue of active warrants. This is understandable since they launch criminal investigations and hence have information on the crime, the evidence, the suspect, the victim, and the witnesses. So, only the cops are in a legal position to file the affidavit to determine the probable cause.

Yet, the authority to decide on the proof held by the police is left up to the judiciary. The sitting magistrate will carefully study the case before ordering arrests under warrants. Judicial directives for detention are always written orders that bear the judge’s signature who has sanctioned them.

The county clerk’s office is also involved in the procedure as the records-keeping wing of the judicial network. They hold information on criminal history along with the office of the magistrate and the sheriff’s department. So, to launch an inquiry into the release of outstanding warrants and subsequent detentions, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement: 18 North Vine Street, Suite 143, Mora, Minnesota 55051
  • Judiciary: 18 N Vine St, Mora, MN 55051
  • County clerk: As above

Kanabec County, Minnesota, has an annual crime rate of about 330 incidents. Of the cases filed each year, only about 6% are violent crimes. Between 2001 and 2008, the area’s crime scene has shown a gradual decline with overall criminal activity surging by almost 45% and a growth of over 80% seen in violent incidents.