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Most of us have seen enough television shows—such as COPS or CSI—to know what a warrant is, but do you really understand what active warrants mean to you and your loved ones? A Scott County outstanding warrant, which is also called an arrest warrant, means that a law enforcement officer has the right to arrest you, no matter where you are in the state of Minnesota. You do not have to be in your home county to be arrested if there is an active arrant in your court records or police file.

Am I the Most Wanted Person in Minnesota?

It is rare to find someone who has committed crimes so heinous that a warrant search will see them listed on the Most Wanted in Minnesota list or Most Wanted in Scott County. Still, it is important to know what is against you and those you love when it comes to outstanding warrants. Not all of us know when there is are warrants out against us, and some people want to know the arrest record of a potential dating partner, business partner, employer, employee, borrower, or renter. Since not everyone has access to court dockets or can visit the Court Clerk, it is smart to know what websites can be visited to learn about arrest warrants in Scott County, particularly in Minnesota.

Keep in mind that not every website tells the truth, so it is critical to stick with websites with a .org or .gov address. These are far more reliable than some of the websites that are .com websites, providing you with what you need when important.

More than 2400 crimes occur in Scott County each year, and many of these are related to theft—especially auto theft and burglary. It is more critical than ever to know who you lend money or rent a home to, and essential to get information about those you might want to date (or marry).