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An arrest warrant in Itasca County, Minnesota carries the same weight as a warrant from any other county in the U.S.If you are concerned that there may be active warrants out for you in Itasca County, you can call the warrants division of the sheriff’s department at (218) 327-7477. Calling this number will put you in touch with a sheriff’s office employee that will conduct a warrant search for you. They will also be able to explain Itasca County’s policy for surrendering yourself to police custody. Usually, this involves arriving at the courthouse or jail early in the morning so the court staff can squeeze your name onto the court docket for that day.

The police can arrest you by knocking on your door or pulling over your car if you have outstanding warrants. A proper arrest warrant is signed by a judge, bears the name of the accused, the date it is issued, and the circumstances surrounding the warrant. A warrant must also be supported with evidence that is called probable cause. This evidence does not need to convict the suspect, only convince a judge that there is some possibility of your guilt. These criteria are essential to every arrest warrant, including those in Itasca County, MN. The Records Division maintains the county’s arrest records; most reports are public information and can be obtained by contacting them at (218) 327-7478. The Records Division staff use State Data Practices guidelines to determine the privacy level given to a record. Juvenile criminal and court records are never public, and ongoing investigations remain confidential until the case is closed.

Statistics show that crime nearly doubled in Itasca County, MN, in the ten years leading up to 2008. That is not to say “crime is high.”Over the ten-year period analyzed, there was only one murder. The crime rate is undergoing a rapid increase, but with less than two crimes reported every day countywide, it is not likely you’ll be victimized in Itasca County.