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When you initiate an arrest warrant search in Jackson County, MN, you will be told about criminal cases in which the sentencing was completed no more than 15 years ago. This means arrest records and case details of older cases may not be found if you were to launch the inquiry through a state agency. Because all justice departments have to disseminate crime history information in keeping with the state’s laws, there is no way to circumvent this rule.

However, private agencies are not governed by the statutes of Minnesota. This means that you can find information on active warrants and arrest records that go back to several decades through such entities. Furthermore, unlike government agencies that will only provide details on the active warrants issued within MN and arrests that occurred with the state’s limits, you can find countrywide crime history data through third-party sites.

Yet, the fact remains that if you are seeking information on Jackson County arrest records and outstanding warrants for an official purpose, you will have to approach a state office. Your choices in the matter have been given below. You will have to visit the department in person and produce a valid government-issued photo ID to get the inquiry underway.

  • The sheriff’s: 400 Sherman St, PO Box 229, Jackson, Minnesota 56143
  • The magistrate’s: 405 4th St, Jackson, MN 56143
  • The county clerk’s: As above

If you are keen on launching an online search for arrest warrants, you can fill the form given on top of this webpage. This will take you to a database maintained by a third party that comprises arrest records and information on warrants from all 50 states.


Can you get any information pertaining to Jackson County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • To know about recent arrests and outstanding warrants: Call the Sheriff’s Office at (507) 847-4420.
  • To leave a message for an inmate: Get in touch with Jackson County Jail at (507) 800-1308.
  • To know more about accessing criminal court records: Contact the Clerk’s Office at (507) 800-7003.
  • To inquire about victim services: Call the Office of the Prosecutor at (507) 847-2850.


Crime statistics of Jackson County

Jackson County’s yearly crime average increased by 5% in 2019, to reach 36 incidents. Violent crimes led to the filing of 6 complaints, all of which were against assault. Larceny-theft accounted for 16 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries accounted for 11 of them.

From 2001 to 2008, Jackson County, Minnesota’s crime rates have held steady at around 150 cases. Of all the complaints taken to the police every year, about 7.5% are made against violent criminal acts. Fortunately, in the 8 years mentioned earlier, there was a drop of almost 20% in the area’s violent crime average.