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The arrest warrant search in Brown County, MN, is updated daily and can be found at enforcement is cautioned against enforcement without validation because court records may show that the active warrant was resolved. Specific information on how you can turn yourself in to satisfy an outstanding warrant is not available on the sheriff’s website. However, the phone numbers are (507) 233-6700 during business hours or (507) 233-6720 after hours. Turning yourself in is not an admission of guilt! It is considered a responsible choice that even the innocent make because they do not want an outstanding warrant hanging over their head.

As mentioned above, an active warrant should not be seen as evidence of guilt. It is an accusation to which you can admit or deny. If you deny it, the prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty. Some evidence that points to you must be presented to the judge to get the warrant signed. This evidence is called probable cause and does not need to reach the burden of proof to convict you. The police in Brown County must follow a similar procedure for getting an arrest warrant as every other county in America.

People have arrest warrants issued against them in Brown County for the usual reasons: failure to appear in court, DWI, and probation violation. If you admit it or plead guilty, the judge will hand down your punishment, ranging from a small fine to a prison sentence. Whether you are sentenced to time in jail, your first stop will be the Brown County Jail. The current jail roster can be found at is no direct phone number for obtaining arrest records, but a phone call to one of the above numbers can probably direct you because arrests are public records.

Violent crime rapidly declined during the period between 1999 and 2008 at the rate of 40%. Overall, the crime rate decreased about 10%, which leaves all of Brown County, Minnesota, experiencing less than one crime per day.