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For an arrest warrant search in Dodge County, MN, you have to follow a straightforward system that entails writing to a state agency or visiting their office in person to file your request. While there isn’t a lot of hassle involved in the process, many applicants do not relish the idea of spending time at the police station twiddling their thumbs while arrest records against the subject are pulled up for them.

In fact, when this inquiry is needed for official reasons, people submit to the grind. Still, when the data is needed for informative purposes only, most find the prospect of driving down to a state agency’s office utterly futile and time-consuming. You can also send your requests for information on Dodge County active warrants through the mail.

However, it will take the law enforcement and judicial departments at least a week to ten days to address such inquiries. Once again, the sheer amount of time taken to search can be a dampener. However, it will help to know here that only official agencies can offer notarized background reports. Some of the agencies that you can contact for information on arrests and warrants are:

  • The sheriff’s department: 22 E 6th St, Mantorville, Minnesota 55955
  • The magistrate’s court: 22 6th St NE, Kasson, MN 55944
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 128, Mantorville, Minnesota 5595

Another way to go about the process is to fill out the form you see at the top of this page; this will get you access to a privately maintained database of arrest records and outstanding warrants from Dodge County and elsewhere.


How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Dodge County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • Jail Bookings, to know about recent arrests- 507-635-6200.
  • Warrants Unit, to know about arrest warrants- 507-635-6226.
  • Court Clerk, for judicial records- 507-624-7010.
  • County Attorney’s Office, for victim’s assistance- 507-635-6266.


Crime statistics of Dodge County

In 2019, about 115 criminal complaints were filed in Dodge County. About 105 of them were for property crimes like larceny-theft (71), burglary (27), and car thefts (6). There were 10 cases of serious assault and 1 case of rape among the 11 complaints filed in the category of violent crimes.

With an overall crime rate of 175 incidents and a violent crime rate of just 2% of this figure, Dodge County, Minnesota, seems to be one of the state’s safest neighborhoods. However, this belief is quickly quelled when you look at the 80% increase seen in overall criminal activity and the 50% rise observed in violent acts.