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In Grant County, Minnesota, “It is the Sheriff’s Department’s goal to provide a safe and crime-free atmosphere. It is also the goal to protect the public and their property. “Controlling crime involves many jobs, one of which is handling active warrants. As a result, another duty of the sheriff is fielding questions from people doing an arrest warrant search in Grant County.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Department is located in Elbow Lake, Minnesota. They maintain a website, providing information for their constituents. Fewer than one hundred crimes occur in Grant County each year, and only a few are violent crimes. The Sheriff handles telephone calls about crimes and concerns, including 911 calls. They also transport prisoners. They investigate crimes, and they keep records of everything they do. The Grant County sheriff serves search warrants and also executes arrest warrants. Because of their record-keeping duty, they are an excellent place to look for outstanding warrant documentation and arrest records. The office is in Grant County city of Elbow Lake.

In another venue, the Minnesota Courts system, there may also be ways to locate records of Grant County, MN, arrests, and warrants. Court records may be accessed through There are detailed directions on how to retrieve court records for the Minnesota Appellate Courts and the District Courts, such as the one in Grant County, which handles the trials in criminal matters. Court Opinions and schedules are available through the service.


Is it possible to get information on Grant County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Information on recent arrests: 218-685-8280.
  • Details on assistance available to crime victims: 218-685-5353.
  • Criminal court records: 218-685-8282.


Crime statistics of Grant County

The Grant Sheriff’s Department received 8 criminal complaints in 2019, which included 6 property crimes and 2 crimes violent crimes. While the cases filed in the violent crimes category were both attributed to assault, the property crimes category included 5 cases of larceny-theft and 1 case of burglary.

If any search results reveal that there are outstanding warrants in Grant County for the person searching, their best move is to either turn themselves in, inquire with the clerk of court in Grant County about how to schedule a court date regarding an active warrant, or, perhaps safest of all, get a lawyer and let them take charge.