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An arrest warrants search in Polk County, MN, can only be conducted by calling into Polk County Court Administration at 218-470-8001 between 8 am – 4:30 pm. A list of active warrants is not available online, and no information can aid you in the process of turning yourself in on an outstanding warrant. The court administration can answer these questions.

Arrest records are usually public information unless they concern a juvenile or other protected person. In Polk County, Minnesota, arrest records are available by returning this form here to the law enforcement center.

Arrest warrants are issued in every state, and they have some basic similarities because The Fourth Amendment to our Constitution mandates their basic structure. Warrants are an order from the judge that tells the police to apprehend you and bring you before the court to answer the crime you are charged with. The Constitution is based on due process and does not allow your freedom to be interrupted for arrests based on mere suspicion. For an arrest warrant to be issued in your name, certain steps must be followed. If a police officer in Polk or any other county suspects you of a crime, he takes his suspicions along with whatever evidence he has to a judge. If the judge finds the evidence convincing enough that a warrant should be issued for your arrest, then she will sign the warrant. Warrants can be initiated by probation officers for violations, or judges for missing court, or failing to obey a court order such as a subpoena or an injunction. Arrests also can be made without a warrant if the officer catches you committing the crime.

From 2001 until 2008, the crime rate basically stayed the same in Polk County. Statistics showed a total increase of 2%, which is negligible when the number of crimes is low. There are less than 500 crimes per year in Polk County.