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Where do you go to do a Cook County, MN arrest warrant search? It depends on what you hope to find and how much work you are willing to do. As with anything, searching for arrest records information and lists of outstanding warrants rarely results in answers just falling into your lap. Furthermore, the quality of data you recover is directly related to the amount of work you are willing to undertake.

The Cook County sheriff’s website here may be good for a quick check on certain arrest warrants. There is a link on the homepage for the sheriff on the left margin that takes you to “Jail Information.” One way to determine the status of an active warrant is to see if the person named in the warrant is now in jail. If they are, chances are any warrants for them are now satisfied. So, looking at the list of current inmates in the Cook County jail is an easy and quick option for answers to questions about outstanding warrants.

If the name is not on the jail roster, another way to get information is to contact the sheriff’s office. They are located in the Cook County Law Enforcement Center, 143 Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais, MN, 55604. The office number is (218)387-3030. The sheriff makes many arrests in Cook County, many pursuant to arrest warrants.

You can also go to the state level to see if they have the information you need, but keep in mind you may need something to put into the search engine to get usable data. There is a way to “Access Case Records” at the Minnesota courts site, The public may look at public court case records, including District (or trial level) courts, where most criminal cases stemming from warrants and arrests are tried. Thus, for a crime committed in Cook County, the arrests of the alleged perpetrators likely led to their prosecution in the district court of Cook County, MN.