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Are you looking for an arrest warrant search in Pipestone County, Minnesota? If you answered that affirmatively, you might have already been pointed to the courthouse or the local police department. Undoubtedly, these agencies can tell you about the active warrants and arrest records in the name of your subject.

However, one agency that seems to be missing out on the spotlight but offers more bang for the buck is the county clerk. Actually, the mere fact that you could get a warrant search done for free from this agency is what gets most people interested, to begin with, and there is a lot more from where that comes.

For instance, you can look for information on Pipestone County outstanding warrants and arrests without any hand-holding or somebody peering over your shoulders. This means you will find more extensive details about the subject and get information on more than one person. It will all be in a day’s work for you.

The court dockets database also contains information on civil cases so that you can find the criminal infractions in the subject’s name and the civil litigations against him. The three agencies that offer inquiries on arrest warrants issued in Pipestone County have been listed below:

  • The sheriff’s office: 416 S Hiawatha Ave, Pipestone, Minnesota 56164
  • The magistrate’s office: As above
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 335, Pipestone, Minnesota 56164


How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Pipestone County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • If you are interested in learning about recent arrests or active warrants, call the Pipestone County Sheriff’s Office at 507-825-1100.
  • If you want more information about obtaining criminal court records, connect with the Clerk’s Office at 507-690-7004.
  • If you want to inquire about victim’s assistance, contact the Pipestone County Attorney’s Office at 507-825-4266.


Crime statistics of Pipestone County

In 2019, the Pipestone Sheriff’s Department filed 85 criminal reports. Property offenses accounted for 80 of the recorded crimes, while 5 were crimes against humans. Larceny-theft (64 incidents) and burglary (14 cases) were the most common types of property crime. Aggravated assaults accounted for the 5 complaints in the violent crimes category.

Pipestone County, Minnesota, has a conspicuously low annual crime average with less than 80 complaints being brought in front of the police. Of these cases, about 4% are filed against violent crimes. While these figures do not seem alarming at first glance, there was a rise of almost 25% in the figures of violent criminal occurrences in the recent past.