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To confirm the existence of a warrant for your arrest in Nicollet County, MN, you must call the sheriff’s department for an arrest warrants search. Unfortunately, Nicollet County does not offer an online warrant search, but you will probably get more accurate information about your outstanding warrant if you call anyway. They can also give you direction on how to discharge the warrant without being arrested or serving time in jail while awaiting your trial.

Some people choose not to turn themselves in and hope they will not get arrested. Having an outstanding warrant hanging over your head can lead to anxiety and unforeseeable consequences. You could be on your way to an important meeting or event when you get arrested and taken to jail.

An arrest warrant can be issued if you fail to appear in court or if you are implicated in a crime in Nicollet County. All arrest warrants must conform to specific standards set forth by the United States Constitution, and Nicollet County is not exempt; it must adhere to these standards. Active warrants must be signed by a judge or magistrate and must contain a brief description of the charge. Arrests are public information; arrest records in Nicollet County can be obtained by filling out this form

Crime has risen in Nicollet County. In the decade between 1999 and 2008, the county experienced a moderate increase of about 50%. It sounds worse than it is- in 2000, the community experienced less than one crime a day, while in 2008, there were nearly two.