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Active warrants from Minnesota are based on written complaints filed by the police or the victim; the writ is meant to establish probable cause that can adequately link the alleged perpetrator to the criminal occurrence in question. Rule 2.01 of the MN Criminal Procedure further states that this petition can be supplemented by affidavits and witness deposition recorded under oath.

The complaint must clearly state the offense that has been committed, the statute that was violated as a result of the incident and the maximum penalty that the crime carries. Because arrest warrants from MN can only be issued by magistrates, this complaint has to be put forth before the judicial bench. It can be filed under oath with the office of the magistrate, the county clerk or a public notary.

The issue of Minnesota active warrants

The sitting magistrate in front of whom the warrant petition is presented is in charge of determining if probable cause which shows without doubt that an offense was committed under the laws of the land can be ascertained. Furthermore, to order arrests, the judge should be able to find reasonable cause that would be enough to make just about any person feel that the accused did have a hand in commissioning the criminal act described in the affidavit.

Pursuant to the criminal code of MN, before a complaint for an arrest warrant is filed before the magistrate, it needs the ‘go-ahead’ from the prosecutor. So, the affidavit submitted with the office of the judge will have to bear the signature of the prosecutor unless the magistrate authorizes otherwise because the prosecutor is not available and the order has to be issued. In case of felonies, the probable cause determination is made by the magistrate. However, if the offense is punishable with a fine alone, this decision can also be made by the county clerk.

Information included in active warrants from Minnesota

Although applicants who file for a warrant search in MN don’t always get their hands on all the information given in the original directives for arrests, cops do get access to this data. It is imperative to understand here that active warrants are designed to bring about the detention of the accused. This simply means that the order has stated on it all the details that police officers would need to effect arrests.

It is typical for outstanding warrants from Minnesota to contain information such as the name of the offender, specifics that will help in identifying him such as his age, gender, date of birth, race, physical traits including birth marks, tattoos, scars, etc; information on any form of government identification card such as social security or driver’s license and a complete description of the crime that he is being accused of.

Where can you go for information on Minnesota arrest records and warrants?

The sheriffs’ offices of many counties in the state offer information on outstanding warrants through their websites. They regularly post most wanted lists which have details on repeat offenders and those whose custody is being sought in connection with serious crimes.

It should be understood here that not all people with criminal wants to their name are included in this lists, so you may not always find the name of your subject in this collection despite this individual having a crime or two to his name. Some of the police departments that publish their most wanted lists online are mentioned below: