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The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension of Minnesota host the state’s Justice Information Service (MNJIS) which works as the exchange point for crime history data collected from various agencies. The MNJIS also has the responsibility of providing training, technology and other allied services to all crime justice agencies in the state, so they can better use and maintain their criminal history information resources.

The CCH or the Computerized Criminal History database is the state’s central repository for storing information on arrests made in connection with felonies, gross misdemeanors and other serious misdemeanor charges. The database is frequently put to use by law enforcement agencies across MN to make decisions regarding criminal charges, the availability of active warrants, convictions, plea bargains, probations and parole and more.

The repository also helps citizens requesting personal crime history records and third party crime history data. It is often scoured through to find information for mandated employment and licensing background checks. Researchers can also request access to this database to find and compile crime statistics and trends.

What is criminal history information?

Minnesota crime history records include a range of information such as details on the issue of arrest warrants, detentions that have occurred in the state including those effected without the use of outstanding warrants and convictions. State law requires all crime control agencies in MN to send details on arrest records and juvenile felonies, adult felony, gross and enhanced misdemeanor and targeted misdemeanor to the BCA.

Other misdemeanor occurrences can also be reported at the discretion of the law enforcement office. A set of fingerprint cards is sent to the Bureau along with information on the issue of active warrants. Data pertaining to convictions, case verdict, custody, etc is received from Courts and Corrections. This information is divided into two categories, public and non-public.

Who can access details on MN outstanding records and other crime details?

The general populace is allowed access to limited crime history information. These records can be viewed through the online service offered by the BCA or by visiting the office of the agency and using the public service terminals in the lobby to search through the CCH. Complete crime history data is only offered to:

  • The subject of the search
  • Crime justice agencies
  • Individuals and organizations that have the statutory responsibility to conduct mandatory background checks
  • Applicants who have a notarized consent form from the subject approving such an inquiry

What can you expect to find through a warrant search in MN?

Public information comprises of criminal convictions, offense data, court conviction, date of sentencing, level of conviction, correctional facility where the offender is incarcerated, probation and parole. Arrest records of a person are not considered part of public records. Also, information on cases is only made available for a period of 15 years after the completion of the sentence.

In contrast, complete or private crime history records include details on all arrests that have occurred in MN, data pertaining to cases that are still being tried or that have been dismissed or resulted in acquittals, juvenile records and court information that is more than 15 years old.

How to find crime history data in MN?

To access public information, use the website of the BCA at https://chs.state.mn.us/. You will have to provide the name of the subject along with his/her birth date to receive crime history records. An $8 fee will be charged per inquiry. If you need complete crime history and are authorized to access such information, you will have to contact the agency through mail or in person at:

Minnesota Justice Information Services1430 Maryland Ave. E.St. Paul, MN 55106