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If you take your arrest warrant search for Wabasha County, MN, to the office of the sheriff, you will be interacting with the records or the public services division of the agency. This subset of the law enforcement department specifically deals with disseminating crime history data among the public.

So, they are in charge of handling the most wanted lists, accepting inquiries about arrest records and dealing with information on active warrants from Wabasha County, and maintaining the local sex offender registry. On the other hand, when seeking warrants, the court services division steps up to the task.

Similarly, arrests are effected by the agency’s deputies; a linear process is followed for procuring warrants and their eventual execution. When the police find that they cannot apprehend an accused without an arrest warrant, they approach a local tribunal that can exercise authority in criminal matters. An affidavit is taken along to notify the bench of the crime and the offender’s role in it.

If the proof is enough for the judge to establish probable cause, the active warrant is granted. This document then reaches the sheriff’s office; from here, it is handed over to the investigating officers for serving. If the order cannot be executed for some reason, it is kept in the databases as an outstanding warrant.

To find Wabasha County arrest warrants, you can visit the webpage of the sheriff’s office at https://www.co.wabasha.mn.us/departments/sheriff_s_office/arrest_warrants.php or connect with the agencies listed below:

  • The police: 848 17th Street East, Wabasha, Minnesota 55981-5033
  • The judiciary: 625 Jefferson Ave, Wabasha, MN 55981
  • The clerk of court: 625 Jefferson Avenue, Wabasha, Minnesota 55981


How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Wabasha County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • For information on recent arrests, call Master Control Wabasha County Jail at 561-560-1004.
  • For bond-related details, inmate records and services, and visitation, dial the phone number of Wabasha County Jail Administration at 651-560-1001.
  • To request an incident report, or arrest report, call Wabasha County PD at 651-565-3261 or the Wabasha County Sheriff’s Department at 651-565-3361.
  • For victim’s assistance and information, call the Wabasha County Attorney’s Office at 651-565-3064.
  • To find out more about requesting criminal court records, call the Clerk of Court at 651-412-8627.


Crime statistics of Wabasha County

In 2019, 29 criminal complaints were filed in Wabasha County. More than 20 of them were for property crimes like larceny-theft (16), burglary (3), and car thefts (3). There were 6 cases of serious assault and 1 case of rape among the 7 complaints filed in the category of violent crimes.

Despite a striking decline in the crime rates of Wabasha County, Minnesota, which plunged by almost 300%, the area still witnesses over 200 crimes every year. Approximately 45 of these are violent incidents. About half of these cases occur when the victim is about a mile from his home or office.