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Finding out there is an active warrant out for your arrest in Chisago County, Minnesota, may not be favorable, but at least you can begin trying to resolve it. If you missed a scheduled court date, failed to pay a traffic fine on time, violated the terms of your probation, or committed a crime, an arrest warrant may have been issued in your name. To find out for sure, you can call the Chisago County Sheriff’s Department directly at 651-257-4100. An online warrant search is not offered in Chisago County, but calling can give you the most current information. Once the police have access to a warrant in your name, they are, in effect, looking for you. For lesser misdemeanor warrants, police will probably not be knocking on your door, but it may result in your arrest if they have any encounter with you. Police are given the authority to arrest people with outstanding warrants in Chisago County, MN, by the Fourth Amendment to The Constitution, which applies equally to arrest warrants in all 50 states.

To avoid an unplanned arrest, Chisago County offers “walk-in warrants.”If you turn yourself in at the Chisago County Jail before 6:30 AM, they will secure a place for you on the court docket and allow you to appear before a judge that day. The judge will probably set bail and release you. If you cannot pay the bail, you will be remanded into custody until your trial. If you have active warrants, it is best to turn yourself in.

Chisago County does not post a list of current inmates; however, if you have been the victim of a crime, you can choose to be notified of the offender’s release status through the state’s VINE Program. You will also have access to their future arrest records in Chisago County and all of Minnesota.

During the eight-year period between 2001 and 2008, crime exploded in Chisago County, nearly doubling. Violent crime also rose at the rapid rate of 80%.