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Unlike many counties, Blue Earth County, Minnesota, does not offer a warrant search. They do not offer a publicly posted list of active warrants, but you can contact the sheriff’s department if you are concerned that one may have been issued for you. They may also be able to give you information regarding turning yourself in. However, Blue Earth County’s website is linked to the City of Mankato, which lists the area’s outstanding warrants, crime statistics, and the most wanted. This list is located at The warrants on the list are current as of the date shown on the top of the document, so some warrants may have already been served. The City of Mankato is the county seat of Blue Earth and the largest city behind the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Arrest warrants are issued in Blue Earth County, MN, by a judge after being presented with sufficient evidence to support the order. A police officer must supply evidence called probable cause. It is only required to lead a reasonable person to suspect guilt. Issuance of an arrest warrant should not be construed as evidence of guilt. The roster of inmates in custody at the Blue Earth County Justice Center is available online in list form; there are also links to find out about visiting hours, inmate mail, and commissary accounts. The Blue Earth County website also offers information on obtaining public arrest records.


Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Blue Earth County over the phone? (2021-data)

  • Call the dispatch phone line at (507) 304-4800 for non-emergency complaints and general information.
  • Contact the Clerical Specialist at 507-304-4803 for a warrant search.
  • Connect with the Blue Earth County jail at (507) 304-4830 to learn about recent arrests.
  • Contact Jail Administration at (507) 304-4837 for inmate search and information.
  • Call the Investigations Division at (507) 304-4810 to speak with a detective assigned to your case (victims only).
  • Get in touch with the Records Division at (507) 304-4814 to request a local criminal history check or arrest records.
  • Connect with the Victim’s Advocate at (507) 304-4600 to reach Victim/Witness Services.
  • Call the Clerk of Circuit Court at (507) 594-3055 to get information on a criminal conviction and judicial records.


Crime statistics of Blue Earth County

Blue Earth County’s yearly crime average decreased by 6% in 2019, going below the 130-incident mark. The annual violent crime rate stood at 24 incidents and included 8 rape cases and 16 serious assaults. More than 65 complaints filed against property crimes were for larceny-theft, while over 20 were for burglaries.

Over the 10-year time span before 2009, there were over 750 violent crimes in Blue Earth County; 91% occurred in Mankato. The county’s largest city also boasted the same percentage of the entire crime rate. Therefore, there is a good chance that if an arrest warrant is issued for you, it is listed on the City of Mankato’s warrant search.