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The Todd County, MN arrest warrants search can be carried out by clicking on the warrants tab on the sheriff’s department website. This link will take you directly to the page enforcement is especially cautioned to verify that these are active warrants because the list is only updated once a month, and information may be outdated. To verify warrants, call (320) 732-2157. After you verify an outstanding warrant for yourself, the next step is finding how you go about turning yourself in or otherwise satisfying the warrant. Most police departments will make every effort to place you on the court dockets the next day. If you are arrested, you may wait several days to see a judge.

Arrest warrants in Todd County must follow certain requirements mandated by the Fourth Amendment. So although warrants in different counties may differ slightly, they are essentially the same. An active warrant is a judge’s order that tells the police to arrest you and bring you to court. While you are waiting to see a judge, you will probably be held in the county jail. Many warrants are for missing court on minor offenses that would not even result in jail time if you had turned yourself in. Most arrests will result in publicly available arrest records. In Todd County, you may call the records department to discuss your request for records at 320-732-7748.

A report containing the names of all the current inmates at the Todd County Jail and their charges is located at individuals that are awaiting trial, and those that are already convicted are housed in the jail. Misdemeanor crimes that are punishable by less than one year in jail and convicted felons awaiting transfer to state prison will also be housed there.

Over the eight-year stretch between 2001 and 2008, crime rates jumped almost 40%. Violent crime rates stayed almost the same but did experience ups and downs before settling back to around 5%.