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The arrest warrants search in Cass County, MN, consists of a list that is updated weekly. This list is located on the Cass County Sheriff’s Department website at you are confused about the terminology or code listed with your warrant, they also provide a legend that will help you decipher codes. Cass County’s warrants can be cleared by posting cash bail, and others are marked “body only,” which means that you must appear personally in court. The sheriff’s website does not offer any direction on turning yourself in, but the sheriff department’s phone number is 218-547-1424. They can probably answer any questions you have about satisfying an active warrant in Cass County.

Most of the outstanding warrants in Cass County, Minnesota, are for failure to appear in court. Some of the other arrest warrants are for failure to comply with the conditions of release on bail or probation violations. If you are on probation, the judge sets certain rules you must follow, such as community service hours, drug testing, or curfews, to name a few. If you fail to complete the community service hours, test positive for drugs, or miss your curfew, your probation officer may submit the evidence of your violation to a judge. If she believes you may be guilty of the violation, she will issue a warrant for your arrest. If the police come into contact with you while an active arrest warrant is on file, they will probably arrest you. If you are arrested, your arrest records will be available as public records unless you are a juvenile. Arrests in Cass County, MN, can occur without warrants if police catch you while breaking the law.

Criminal complaints dropped dramatically during the short period that statistics were available. Cass County only reported crimes between 2004 and 2008. During this time, the entire crime rate dropped almost 170%, and violent crimes decreased by almost 500%! These statistics, combined with the fact that there are less than 100 outstanding warrants in Cass County, prove that the crime rate is relatively low.