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The information needed to find answers to an arrest warrant search in Lincoln County, MN, is probably being held in numerous computer databases. Most of those same resources also carry data on the 30 or so crimes reported in the county each year, including the 20% of those violent crimes such as rape or murder.

So, if you were involved in one of the reported crimes in Lincoln County, you need to realize that your name is likely on a warrant and that the outstanding warrant information is accessible by numerous law enforcement officials, in addition to the public. If you are looking for updates on the status of someone known to you who has an arrest record or else who you think has active warrants out for their arrest, you too may be able to take advantage of the technology that allows close tracking of outstanding warrants and arrests.

Often, inquiries into arrest warrants and arrest records are tied in with criminal history background checks. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has a division called the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. On their website,, users may access criminal Histories. Looking at those records may shed light on Lincoln County active warrants. The system is called the Computerized Criminal History or CCH system. It holds data on all the felony arrests in the state, plus information on many misdemeanor cases. Law enforcement uses the system to track cases. The records in the system include entries on arrests and convictions; most of that information comes from local law enforcement and courts such as in Lincoln County.

On the county level, there are also valuable resources for finding out more about outstanding warrants. There is, of course, the Lincoln County sheriff. The sheriff’s address is 322 N.Wallace St., P. O.Box 166, Ivanhoe, MN 56142. http://www. co. lincoln. mn. us/sheriff. htm.

The sheriff has jurisdiction over the Lincoln County Jail. Outstanding warrant and arrest records information may be available not just from the sheriff’s office but also through the jail, as jails must keep records on their inmates’ criminal histories and handle warrants at various stages. The jail is within the Lincoln County Law Enforcement Center, which houses the sheriff’s office.


Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Lincoln County? (2021- Update)

  • To find out about recent arrests and active warrants, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 507-694-1664.
  • To learn more about obtaining access criminal court records, contact the Clerk’s Office at 507-680-7005.
  • To ask about crime victim’s assistance, call 507-694-1529.


Crime statistics of Lincoln County

The Sheriff’s Office of Lincoln County handled approximately 25 criminal matters in 2019. Of the total number of complaints filed, around more than 20 were against property crimes while 2 were against violent crimes.

With 12 cases, larceny-theft had the highest occurrence rate of all property crimes. Burglaries brought in around 6 complaints. The 2 cases filed in the violent crimes category were attributed to 1 incident each of rape and assault.