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Most people get interested in the idea of an arrest warrant search for Lake of the Woods County, MN, when somebody in their personal or professional circle manages to raise a level of suspicion. However, it should be understood that arrest warrants are not just issued when the matter entails a serious criminal offense like murder or assault.

Even when people neglect to pay a fine imposed on them for violating traffic ordinances, they would still find themselves at the receiving end of some punitive action. Typically, the negligence will be rewarded with the issue of an active warrant in Lake of the Woods County.

Once issued, these detention orders become the responsibility of the local police. Outstanding warrants, regardless of the offense involved, remain valid till the defendants are placed under arrest. This means that it would not only be a good idea to launch a warrant search in the name of third parties, but also it would be prudent to do periodic checks in your own name.

The simplest way to find Lake of the Woods County arrest records and active warrants is by using the form above. This is a private service, so you do not stand the risk of being detained if there is an outstanding warrant out against you. However, if you want to launch the arrest warrant search through a state agency, you can visit:

  • The sheriff’s: 206 8th Ave SE, Suite #300, Baudette, Minnesota 56623
  • The magistrate’s: 206 3rd Ave SW, Baudette, MN 56623
  • The county clerk’s: As above


If you need information on Lake of the Woods County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • To request an arrest report or the police report of an incident/accident, contact the Sheriff’s Department at (218) 634-1143.
  • To get information on services and help offered to crime victims, call the Lake of the Woods County Attorney at (218) 634-1190.
  • For inquiries about arrest warrants, court dates, and judicial records, contact Court Administration at (218) 634-1451.


Crime statistics of Lake of the Woods County

The Lake of the Woods Sheriff’s Department recorded 15 criminal complaints in 2019. In terms of absolute crime rate, this figure does not appear worrisome. But, the fact that the incident average increased by almost 25%, from the 12 cases filed in 2018, is certainly something that merits attention.

The police filed 3 cases against burglary, 4 against theft and 2 against vehicle theft. In addition to these, the annual crime rate included 5 cases of aggravated assault and 1 of rape.Overall, the annual crime rate of Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota, stands at about 100 incidents. However, in 2006, this figure plunged to below 80 incidents. Yet, since then, the police have been unable to repeat this performance. Despite this, the overall crime trends look good, with a drop of 40% in violent crimes and a decrease of 100% in overall criminal activity.