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An arrest warrant search in Roseau County will bring back information on the issue of detention orders and arrest records from the area. For this data, you can connect with the sheriff’s office or a judicial entity that works with criminal matters. Two of these include the magistrate’s office that is in charge of issuing all active warrants and the county clerk’s office.

The latter is responsible for preparing the court dockets and maintaining a repository of these case files. Information in the database will include details on the release of active warrants from Roseau County, arrests made in connection with such orders, and detentions that were effected without legal instruments.

This office also handles civil cases, so you can also find details on civil court dockets through this agency. Hence any inquiry into the issue of arrest warrants issued in Roseau County conducted through the clerk of court’s office will bring back more extensive results than if it were to be launched through another state department.

Of course, you could also get the sheriff or the magistrate to find arrest records and outstanding warrants from Roseau County for you. These agencies play a direct role in the release of detention directives. While warrants are issued at the urging of the police, and they make arrests under these judicial provisions, the magistrate has the power to put these directives into effect. To contact these agencies, go to:

  • Law enforcement: 108 3rd Ave SW, Roseau, Minnesota 56751
  • Judiciary: 606 5th Ave SW, Roseau, MN 56751
  • County clerk: 216 Center Street West, Roseau, Minnesota 56751


How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Roseau County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • To find information about recent arrests and active warrants, get in touch with the Sheriff’s Department at 218-463-1421.
  • To obtain information about victim’s assistance, call the following phone number- 218-463-4214.
  • To learn more about obtaining criminal court records, reach out to the Clerk of Court at 218- 463-2541


Crime statistics of Roseau County

In 2019, the Roseau County Sheriff’s Department dealt with about 37 criminal complaints. Around 30 of these complaints were for property crimes. There were 27 cases of larceny-theft, 2 incidents of burglary, and 2 cases of motor vehicle theft in this category. Aggravated assault resulted in the filing of 4 violent crime complaints.

Almost 250 criminal complaints are filed with the sheriff’s office of Roseau County, Minnesota, annually. Of the reports received, only about 1.5% of the cases are violent in nature, while the remaining 98% plus crimes are linked to property matters. In this crime category, thefts seem to be taking the lead, with a whopping 200 complaints filed per annum.