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The Morrison County arrest warrant search is maintained by the county seat of Little Falls, MN.It can be accessed and searched by following this link .It was found through the Morrison County official website so it is probably the most up to date, but police are still cautioned to verify active warrants with the sheriff’s department.Outstanding warrants in Morrison County, Minnesota carry similar penalties to other arrest warrants in this country.If the police catch up to you and you have a warrant you are most likely going to jail; usually until you see a judge and she sets bail.If it is a weekend or holiday you might spend the night in jail.

Warrants search for Morrison County is just a report, it is not interactive like some counties, and it does not give any directions on the best times to turn yourself in.A quick phone call to the sheriff’s office at (320) 632-9233 can probably steer you in the right direction.The sheriff’s office will also tell you what steps to take to get copies of someone’s arrest records.

An arrest warrant can be signed with your name on it if you miss court or if you don’t follow probation rules.The police will also issue a warrant for you if you are suspected in a crime.A judge won’t sign warrants without enough evidence that the person might be guilty.Arrests without warrants usually happen when the officer witnesses you breaking the law.

In the seven year time period between 2001 and 2008, crime increased almost 50% overall.Crime seemed to skyrocket in 2003 and the increase is mostly attributable to that spike.Even though crime has increased substantially there were only an average of less than two crimes per day countywide.Even during 2003, the worst for crime during this period, there were only about three crimes per day.