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Most arrest warrants in Winona County, Minnesota, are for failing to appear in court to answer citations given by a police officer. These are often offenses that the officer does not find serious enough to arrest you for at the time of the offense. A summons is a judge’s order to appear in court and answer to the charge against you. If you missed your court date, a warrant has probably been signed bearing your name. To find out if one has, you can conduct a warrant search in Winona County; visit the county’s active warrants list at

If you find your name amongst the hundreds of outstanding warrants, you can choose to turn yourself in by going to the reception area of the Winona County Sheriff’s Office. You can also choose to ignore it and subject yourself to the constant worry of being detained and held by many local agencies. If you are accused of a serious crime, this risk is present nationwide and in certain cases in the entire world (in countries that have extradition treaties with the U.S.).Most outstanding warrants in Winona County are not that serious, but this county possesses the same powers as any other county in America.

Winona County, MN does not provide a list of current inmates housed in the jail. However, the arrest records of most offenders are public records and can be accessed by anyone. Records marked “confidential” are not accessible to anyone; these may contain records of juveniles, vulnerable adults, or files currently under investigation.

Over ten years of reported crime statistics, there was a decrease in crime overall between 1999 and 2008 but a significant rise in violent crime near 60%. Winona County boasts a relatively low crime rate, with citizens being victimized at an average rate of less than three per day.