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In Waseca County, an arrest warrant search can be conducted in a matter of seconds, or it might take a few days to hunt down the criminal history of your subject, depending on the route you take. Typically, the choices of applicants interested in data on arrest records and active warrants include MN state agencies and private organizations.

Government departments: In this category are the magistrate’s offices, the sheriff, and the clerk of court. Of these three, the police would be your best bet for crime history reports about Waseca County arrest records and outstanding warrants. The county clerk’s office can furnish information on criminal cases as well as civil litigations.

As far as the magistrate’s office goes, through this department, you can find details on arrest warrants, bench warrants, summons, and more. You will have to write to the concerned agency or visit them in person to launch the search, and you will have to pay a fee for the service.

  • The police: 122 3rd Ave NW, PO Box 226, Waseca, Minnesota 56093
  • The judiciary: 307 N State St, Waseca, MN 56093
  • The clerk of court: Given above

Private establishments: These work online and collect information on criminal history, including active warrants and arrests from state sources. This data is then offered for consumer consumption through their website. Once again, the applicant will have to incur a small cost for conducting the inquiry. Fill the form above to avail of this service.


If you need information on Waseca County recent arrests and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • Detainees are taken to the Waseca County Jail, so call the facility at (507) 835-0506 to find out about recent arrests.
  • Arrests records and other police reports are maintained by the Records Division, so call them at 507-835-0511 for an arrest report or incident/accident records.
  • The Sheriff’s Deputies handle all warrants, so call the office at 507- 835-0668 for a warrant search.
  • The Sheriff’s Detectives handle the investigation of all crimes, so contact the agency at 507-835-0510 for case-specific details
  • The Waseca County Prosecutor’s Office provides assistance to crime victims, so contact the agency at 507-835-0520 for victim’s services
  • Court Administration handles all judicial records, so contact the agency at 507-308-7002 for a case search


Crime statistics of Waseca County

In 2019, the Waseca Sheriff’s Office received 59 criminal complaints. This annual total included 55 cases of property crime and 4 cases of violent crime.

Around 40 larceny thefts, 13 burglaries, and 1 motor vehicle theft were reported in the category of property offenses. The violent crimes category included 3 cases of rape and 1 case of assault.

In Waseca County, Minnesota, nearly 2380 criminal incidents occur annually. Of these crimes, about 22 cases pertain to violent acts, while the remaining figure comprises property crimes, including thefts and burglary. Although there was a slight increase of less than 5% in reported criminal activity in the area, the drop of almost 75% in violent crime figures more than made up for this increase.