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Crime is on the rise in Rice County, much like the rest of Minnesota, so it stands to reason that more people are performing Rice County warrant searches. There are over 1500 crimes in the county each year on average, and that number continues to inch closer to 2000 as more people find ways to try to outrun law enforcement for a short season. There is an arrest record with the Court Clerk for every convicted person, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony. This conviction normally comes from an arrest warrant. This warrant gives law enforcement the right to arrest the named individual whether he is considered Minnesota’s Most Wanted or just the average Joe in trouble with the law.

Active Warrants are Bad News

You do not have to be committing a crime to be arrested, so long as there is an active warrant for your arrest. If you have outstanding warrants in Rice County, you can be arrested in any part of the United States by any law enforcement member. In other words, if a police officer in another part of Minnesota is suspicious and runs your name, or if one in Alabama believes that you are acting suspiciously, you can be arrested if they find that warrant or other warrants against you. So long as the court records do not show that arrest warrants have been satisfied in Rice County, Minnesota, you can still be arrested.

Dozens of websites allow the public to access certain court dockets and other records, but you should not trust everything and anything you read online. Trust only those arrest records and warrant information that you find on a reliable website, such as a .gov or .org website, to be safe. When in doubt, consider contacting the Rice County Courthouse or another government office for more information.