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While anybody can get a Fillmore County arrest warrant search done, taking such an inquiry to its logical conclusion can seem harder than scouring the internet for generic public records from MN. There is a reason why the judiciary and law enforcement seem to carefully guard the amount of criminal history information that finally makes it out in the open.

This data can be used for nefarious purposes like preventing arrests and running away from the law. This is the prime reason for making applicants visit the agency office in person when they want to know about arrest records and active warrants from Fillmore County. Not just the police but also the magistrate’s office and that of the clerk of court exercise this degree of caution.

This also explains why crime history information is seldom offered online; well, at least not by state agencies. However, this has not stopped private entities from assimilating this information and presenting it for the consumption of their members. One such third-party entity can be approached through this website.

Just fill the form on top of this webpage to gain access to a privately maintained database of criminal history information, including the release of arrest warrants from all over the country. Like with the state departments, you will have to pay a small fee for the search. Government departments that accept requests for information on outstanding warrants and arrests include:

  • The police: 901 Houston, Preston, Minnesota 55965
  • The judiciary: 101 Fillmore St E, Preston, MN 55965
  • The clerk of court: Fillmore County Courthouse, Preston, Minnesota 55965


How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Fillmore County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • To learn about recent arrests, call Jail Bookings- (507) 765-2846.
  • To get information on arrest warrants, contact the Sheriff’s Department at (507) 765-3874.
  • To get help for a victim, contact the Fillmore County Attorney’s Office at (507) 765-2530.
  • For judicial records and a case search, contact the Clerk of Court at (507) 765-6021.


Crime statistics of Fillmore County

The Fillmore Sheriff’s Office received 68 criminal complaints in 2019, as opposed to the 56 cases reported in 2018. These included 59 non-person crimes and 9 violent crimes.

The non-person crimes category included 46 larceny thefts, 11 burglaries, and 2 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 7 aggravated assaults and 2 rapes.

The annual crime rate of Fillmore County, Minnesota, is in the vicinity of 130 cases. Of these, approximately 7% are violent criminal acts. This figure is moving downward given the drop of over 200% in violent crimes and the decrease of almost 20% in reported crimes.