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Mille Lacs County, MN, runs an arrest warrants search daily and posts the list of active warrants at county does not publish any information online about turning yourself in. However, a phone call to the sheriff’s department can likely give you the information you need on how to resolve an outstanding warrant.

Courts issue warrants in Mille Lacs County so that citizens are brought into court to answer to a judge. They are not yet considered guilty, so many safeguards are in place to ensure their rights are respected. These safeguards are meant to protect every American’s freedom and are respected in every county no matter what the person is accused of.

Arrest warrants in Mille Lacs County must be patterned after a national standard: basically, the police must have a minimum amount of evidence for a judge to back the warrant, and she must sign it for it to become valid. After a warrant is signed, police have an order to apprehend you. An officer will arrest you and take you to jail until you can be fit onto the court dockets and seen by a judge. The judge sets the bail, and you may pay it to get released until your trial, or you can contact a bail bond agent to post the amount for you. Even if you use a bail bond agent, you will still need to pay a percentage of the entire amount. If you cannot pay it, you will stay in custody in jail. The roster list of current inmates at the jail can be found at records division is located at the sheriff’s department and information on arrest records can be found by calling 320-983-8250.

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