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If you have outstanding warrants in Clay County, Minnesota, the best course of action is to be proactive and resolve the active warrants as soon as possible. If you need to verify that a warrant has been issued for you, you can call the Warrants Division directly at 218.299.7576. There you can speak to someone about whether there is an arrest warrant in your name, turning yourself in, and how long it will be before you are placed on the court docket. Most counties will allow you to appear before a judge the same day if you turn yourself in early enough in the morning. Clay County does not offer the public an online warrant search.

Arrest warrants in Clay County can be thought of like questions. The court wants to know whether or not you are guilty of the violation. You have the opportunity to appear before the judge and take responsibility or deny the charge. If you enter a plea of “guilty,” the judge will probably give you your sentence immediately. Depending on the seriousness of the violation and your previous court records, you may owe a fine or be sentenced to probation. If you plead “guilty” to a serious crime, it may result in prison time. The Clay County court system operates in basically the same manner as other county courts in this country. Judges often take into account previous arrest records when handing down a sentence.

Crime data from Clay County, MN, during the interval between 1999 and 2008, showed a slight decrease in crime. Criminal complaints sharply increased in 2001, but there has been a steady decrease since that year. Overall crime has increased more than 15%, but much of that number is due to the sharp increase in 2001.