Relative Ease in Minnesota!

Criminal Records Can Now Be Expunged With Relative Ease in Minnesota!

Many reformed criminals live with the reality of job offers being rescinded once prospective employers get to know of their checkered past. Unfortunately, nobody is willing to cut them some slack and consider that these people have served their prison time and are now keen on leading a crime free life. A darker side to this story is that the sheer lack of opportunities and the prejudiced attitude towards them pushes these people back into the dark alleys of crime.

Minnesota joins a growing breed of states that are serious about reforming their current criminal justice system by affording better chances to people who were convicted of non-violent felonies, misdemeanors and juvenile delinquencies. The law which was put into effect at the beginning of the year will seal criminal records of offenders charged with certain crimes from landlords and employers.

The legislation offers no guarantees of expungement, as the victim will have a say in whether the offender should be allowed to keep the records of his transgressions away from the public eye. However, at least people who want to make a new life, do get a chance to set things right for themselves.
Pursuant to the new disclosure rule, offenders will be able to apply for expungement of records two to five years after the completion of their prison term. However, this option is only offered to those who were charged with low level crimes, so the law in no way risks the safety of community members.